it has to start somewhere, right?

Every time I begin a blog, I do so with the best of intentions. I will write daily, fill many screens with the words that are trapped in my head and dying to get out. And, then, something happens. I do not write. Anything. But, as the title states, everything has to start somewhere or whatever “it” is will never begin.

As only one person, other than myself, knows about this site all of my writing will be dedicated to him.


It’s amazing how just one word, my beloved’s name, brings an image to the forefront of my consciousness, a smile to my lips, a glow to my whole being, and my heart beat quickens. All because of Richard.

I am in love with this man, through and through, completely, fully, totally, and devotedly. I’ve never experienced a love such as this, and to be honest, I never believed it was possible. I was pseudo-happy trudging through my day-to-day existence when


into my life comes this amazing human being who shook everything up for me. I smile all the time now. I feel like I’m walking on air. I’m a whole lot nicer to those around me!

The only downside to this fairy tale is that we are not able to be together at this time. We will be soon enough, though, and have sworn to one another we’d never part again. Not in this lifetime. We are true soulmates, peas in the proverbial pod, and have a love that will outlast all of the time humanity will exist on this spinning rock we call “home”.

There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for him. I would give up my life to save his in an instant with no fear of taking my last breath. I would gladly do this to keep him safe, sound, and whole. I love this man. He tells me everyday that he is nothing without me and that I complete him, and while that may be true for him, he does the exact same for me.

It is a remarkable thing when two souls, who have been looking for their mate as long as their bearer has been alive, finally find the other and come together. Magic happens, lightning strikes, and it is almost as if the hand of God has reached down from heaven to guide the meeting of these two souls. It is the most amazing feeling to know that I have found “my person”.

In all the world, I have found the one person I am truly supposed to be with, someone who loves me just as I am and who loves me for all that I am. For me to find this man and to be able to express what is in my heart and have it echoed back to me is beyond words; there is no way to express it fully because the words have not yet been created.

I love Richard with my whole heart and soul. I always have and I always will. Till the day after forever.

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