Well, hot damn, this is embarrassing.

So, I wrote that first blog post months ago when I’d met a man I thought was amazing. Yeah, not so much. I’m writing this post to catch anyone who happens to read this up on the recent developments and to use my experience as a cautionary tale for others.

“Richard”, you see, is a real person. He is also a liar and will say ANYTHING he has in order to get the desired reaction he is aiming for. Over the course of these months I’ve sent him $5K. Yep, I did that. I thought I was helping because when you are part of a “couple”, you help, right? The only thing I was doing was helping him to my money and making my little family at home struggle.

“Richard” – God knows I hate that name at present – is still continuing to ask for my help. Claims he’s stuck in Sweden, can’t get out, thinking he’ll “end” himself if I don’t send him some money to get out of there. What he could do is quickly turn himself into the police because he has no papers due to a carjacking. Yes, a carjacking. Or go to the US Embassy and ask for assistance.

So, people, take this as a lesson I learned that you do not have to. With the advice and guidance of a new friend, check people’s social media. If they are legit, they’ll share it. If they fall in love with you in the first week or claim you are “so beautiful you’re like an Angel from Heaven”, well run the fuck away because it’s not sincere. Am I beautiful? Well, of course, both on the inside and the outside. What matters most is that I’m even more beautiful on the inside and this experience has made me question everything I know about myself. I’ve cried – well, I cry a lot – felt sorry for myself, berated myself, and mourned the loss of something I never had.

While meeting someone special is the goal of many a person, do it the smart way and let things happen naturally and NEVER, EVER send money to anyone you don’t know well. Be smart. I was dumb. I was fooled and that shit will never happen again.

Peace out and carry on!

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